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The medicinal uses of plants- Melissa

Medicinal plants are cultivated or wildcrafted for their medicinal uses. Roughly 400 000 species of plants are used to treat various aliments. Plants are used world wide in medicine, Europe and Asia have the largest market for medicinal plants, followed by Germany, Japan, China, India, and Canada. In Canada there is a long history of plants being used in medicine. The first nation’s people used hundreds of plants for medicinal purposes, ginseng is the most popular plant in Canada for medicine.1

Medicinal uses of ginseng

In the TLC artical some of the various uses of ginseng are stated. Ginseng is used as a tonic by western herbalists and Chinese practitioners. Ginseng has many different uses and treats many different ailments such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, headaches, and insomnia. Ginseng also improves stamina and endurence making it benefital for athletes.The artical also states that ginseng contains ginsenosides, which assist in bone marrow production, stimulate the immune system and detoxify the liver. 2

This artical relates to the medicinal uses of plants because it provides insight to the use of ginseng in many cultures. It also states some of the many uses of ginseng in the medical feild.


to promote or improve the growth of
(a plant, crop, etc.) by labour and attention.3
Collected from the wild.1
a class of steroid glycosides, and triyerpene
saponins, found exclusively in the plant genus
Panax (ginseng) 4