What is it?

It is essentially a roof built on top of a human-made structure that allows vegetation to grow. There is a wide variety of trees,shrubs, and plants that can be chosen to be grown.

Why have a Green roof?

- Green roofs are such a good decision to consider because it reduces roof storm water runoff , leading to the reduction of the size of the water pipes. During a light rainfall, a building with a green roof can have no storm water at all due to the plant's absorption of the water
- Green roofs are able to protect the roof membrane from sunlight, which breaks intensivegreenroof2.jpgdown the roofing material [2].
- It keeps the roof cooler, thus reducing the heat- island effect. This effect contributes to cities being hotter than the surrounding countryside [2].
- The green roof is a source of oxygen, it provides a habitat for many birds and insects.


  • Fire prevention
  • Noise reduction
  • Increase biodiversity
  • The urban-heat island effect is the difference of temperature between urban areas and its rural surroundings [1].
  • Improved air quality

  • Green roofs have been shown to make people more productive, relaxed, creative, and happy becuase of the natural view
  • Overall nicer looking than asphalt
  • Improvinglivability
  • Green roofs have led to the decrease of littering, vandalism, and violence has increased the act of civil participation
  • Reduced pollution and financial costing
  • Lengthen the life of roof membrane underneath the green roof
  • Reduce the cost of heating in a home
  • Increases value of retail [3].

Comparison between Green roof and Bare roof for preventing runoff water




Types of Green roofs

  • Extensive; Thinner and have less layers therefore it is lighter, less expensive, and low maintanance [4].
  • Intensive; Look like traditional roof gardens because a wider variety of plant material can be included [4].

* This video summarizes the importance of green roofs and how it can infleunce a society as well as biodiversity.

As you click on the link [article] you will be reading a scientific article explaining how green roofs can cool warming cities. This relates to many different factors such as; green roofs lowering electricity usage and also having a huge impact on the urban heat- island effect. Furthermore, it is said that green roofs can also lower air conditiong costs. This article describes all the important points that one must know if they were interested in investing to purchase a green roof whether you are an avergae home owner or the CEO of a mass corporation that is creating a new building to expand their buisness.


Urban heat island effect: Difference of temperature between urban areas and its rural surroundings
Roof membrane: Any sheet of material that is used to cover a flat/ low-pitched roof


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